grandMA DMX Connection

Dated: 13 Jun 2014

Due to changes in the software from MA-lighting we had to change our grandMA DMX connection in MSD.
To receive DMX values from consoles that run the MA-lighting 2.9 (and higher) software you will need to have a new DMX connection driver (version 6.0.1406.12xxx or higher).
Another consequence of the changes MA-lighting made, is that DMX values from universes not unlocked by MA-lighting hardware are no longer available to MSD.

Please find below the official statement from MA-lighting:


The grandMA2 DLL Version 2.8-DLL allowed free control of some “non-MA” media-servers and visualizers.
This was an unintended behavior of the software.
As we became aware of its existence we corrected this with Version 2.9.
We apologize for any inconvenience and especially for having triggered expectations

MA-Lighting/Mr. Hartmut Cordes