Grouping tool??

i have a grid of fixtures. Select all ,set intensity to 50% go to FX tab set speed 50% set swing 100 %
All good ,in 2d plan intensity is going up and down.
then go to FX timings.
when I select wave per X- All good. Works.
Step per X -all good works
Grouping not working. Every x, block of X ,fan every X. Mask 2 or 4,5,6,7,8. Noting nothing happens.
It just like no effect is selected. I do see changes in selected fixures 2 shades of green.
but no affect change.

It’s not working like wave or step.
To use it I must create a cue with many steps manually.

Hello, use the ad-hoc fan <> every etc… To spread the effect through the grouping selection.

The standard non fan grouping FX is doing a grouping selection where each result of group are independant.

how do i do that ?

Take a look at this video, it will help you a lot: