Help with color wheels and gobos

@Matthias I need your help. I tried to not ask, but I am having issues building a new fixture. There is a lot more to this fixture, but I’m starting with the basics. The movement shows up in Onyx correctly, but the color channel is not showing up. I’m sure it is a small mistake somewhere, but this also relates to the gobo definitions as well. I have attached my current fixture. Can you offer any assistance?

Spot Moving Head.xml (5.2 KB)

I broke down and used the fixture editor to get the basics done. It looks like the fixture editor is really good at making the basic XML structure. Some of these fixtures can get far too complex to edit by hand.

I thought I would include this here for those that need a working generic profile. This is the 11 channel mode only at this time.

Spot Moving Head.xml (14.9 KB)