How do we program two back to back cues that use moving heads?

Here’s the scenario.

Scene 1: Sermon. Two warm white moving heads are trained upon the speaker. Tracking is manual in the event that he/she moves outside of the beam angle.

Scene 2: Communion. Those two warm white fixtures need to be repurposed and thrown to a different subject on the other side of the stage with as smooth of a transition as possible and no evidence of movement (other than seeing the fixture move, naturally.)

How do we approach this scenario when we are limited to two fixtures?

Do we fade out, move, fade-in?

Thanks for your expertise guys!

Check out “MARK” or move in dark.

create 3 cues. cue 1 will be scene 1 cue 3 will be scene 2 and cue 2 will have the intensity @0. In the cuelist options, you activate “MARK per Cuelist”. After executing cue 2 your movingheads will move in the dark to the position specified in cue 3 and executing cue 3 will just turn them on.

This is imo the cleanest option you have. Otherwise you will see the movement which always looks ugly

So, what does the MARK per cue list actually do that wouldn’t be done by cue 2 anyway?

Let’s see…normally I would run into this:

Cue 1 fades all fixtures in over let’s say 3 seconds.
Cue 2 fades OUT all fixtures over 3 seconds.
Cue 3 fades in all fixtures over 3 seconds, but also fades the pan/tilt values while fading intensity, causing a visible shift in the lights.

Does the MARK function instruct the Pan/Tilt values to initiate AFTER the 2nd cue fades out completely?