How to use NetRender

Q: How to use the MSD Fast NetRender to speed up rendering time?

First install the MSD NetRender Server on at least one PC, it can be the same PC where the MSD is used.
If multiple PC’s are available on a network, the MSD NetRender Server can be install on each one of them.

Make sure all Netrender server and client are the latest version.

Once running, the MSD Server will show in the Windows Tray icons.

Right-Click on it to show the menu.
In Settings, a name and color can be set as well as the number of connections that can be used.
it is suggested to leave one connection unused on the computer where the MSD Client server is running.

Then, a “render file” must be generate.
The procedure is similar to generating a Render Preview.

First set the desired visual look. This can be done using the fixture parameters section in the sidebar. Or much faster using an external controller source.
Cues can be recorded in the Scene Contents / Cues section

In the MSD module, go to View menu and click on Render Preview

This first step may take a few seconds, the progress is displayed on the MSD statusbar.

A Render Window will then open

Click on Save and chose RenderFile
A name will automatically be generated and its location is by default the RenderFile folder in MyDocument MSD files.

Now start the MSD Fast NetRender Client Module

Click on menu Task, and Add task, a Window will open

Click on the Browse button of the Input field and select the RenderFile generated earlier.

The Output field will be automatically set.

Set the desired resolution (example 1024x768)

Leave the Anti-Aliasing On for better result.

Click OK, a new task will be queued.

Add other tasks if desired.

Save the renderlist

Click on the Start Rendering icon (yellow arrow)

The rendering will now start and it will display the tasks made on each computer.
The bitmap will be saved automatically at the end of each render.
Render can be stop and resumed at any time.

Note: Computers running too slow can actually slowdown the rendering process, try using similar computers