[Info] Specific Fixture type creation possible?


I’ve planned to buy my first 3D Visualizer, and before, I would like to know if MSD team is capable to modelized such specific kind of fixture like “Contest Heliptic WH” or “Contest Wave WH”?

I’ve searched for them before but not findings them into the fixture library list, and not found other fixture like this one.

Thanks in advance,

P.S: It is not a request for fixture, but a request for information :slight_smile:

There’s a Multi-Beam in the Martin fixture library.
These are not easy to model, so you should submit them through the normal way and see if they can make it. I can see the tree way fixture has being very difficult.

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Super !
Thanks Paul for the feedback.

Once I’ll buy the license I will make the request. I’ve already modeled the 3d fixtures for another software (Reallizer 3D), but this last has no frost, no prism x8 etc … (this is why I’m looking very deeper to MSD)

I can provide the 3D model if needed (with the right axis system for integration).

FYI, Sylvain, MSD6 does not support Frost, as well (although it should be easy to implement, as Focus is already supported)

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Thanks Ofer for the information, I’m sad with this frost not available =( do you know if it is something in their to-do list?

It was asked before, so I’m sure it’s on the list…

Maybe it’s time to ask again… :wink: