Jumping into Timecode, how would I do this simple example?

So I’m attempting to create a cue list that listens to timecode and creates a pulsing flash without building a huge CL with duplicate cues.

I want to:

  • Trigger the cue list at a specific time (I figured this out.) [Cue .5]
  • Follow 0s the 2nd cue which would be 100% full on the fixture(s).
  • Follow 0s the 3rd cue which would be a .2s fade out.
  • Repeat Cue 2 in time with the song playing in Ableton Live.

Is this possible using a single CL with a single TC trigger time?

Alternatively, I’ve managed to create a single CL with 2 cues that’s fired by MIDI Note ON repeatedly wherever I drop a specific note and velocity, but I’ve found that if I’m using a drum rack in Ableton Live, I can’t use velocity as the MIDI Trigger filter in Onyx without affecting dynamics in the actual drum rack sound. For example, if I have a kick that changes velocity over 4 beats, only one of those beats will be detected by the settings in Onyx for that CL unless I open up the MIDI note ON trigger to span 1-127, thereby limiting my available trigger range to just notes instead of notes -and- velocities.

Another option I suppose would be to have a single cue list triggered one time to achieve a pulsing effect, with a single MIDI cue, but I’m not sure how to create a pulse that rolls with the tempo of Ableton Live.

Anyone have experience with this?