Layers in Patch window

I’ve been using MA2 for some larger shows

One feature I love is Layers in the patch window!

For those who aren’t familiar with that, it’s like folders in your patch list.

It allows me to organise parts of my rig and helps keep things readable when fixture lists balloon out.

Also, Onyx encourages me to keep legacy fixtures in my showfile as there’s no way to import data from old shows, no elegant way of dealing with global presets etc

but scrolling past this endless list of legacy fixtures is annoying for me and confusing for others…
I know you can hide unpatched fixtures, but also being able to fold some of these away into folders, would help with this.

here’s a screenshot I found on google



This would be an awesome feature to have, I wish there was more ways to organize my patch window

Still wishing for this :sweat_smile: