Linking Tap Tempo with FX Speed (I've solved it!)

NOTE! This has not been tested in version 4.4 (Dylos) or above - but it should work, as long as you change the Onyx = GetElement(‘Onyx’) to Onyx = GetElement(‘Onyx - OSC’) inside the script.

If anyone is interested, this is a LUA-script (for ShowCockpit) that allows you to Tap a playback Button of choice in Onyx, and trigger the Beat function while simultaneously setting your FX Speed Playback Fader to the same BPM.

Instructions copied from the script file:

– 1 - Select all fixtures you want controlled by BPM
– 2 - Save their FX Speed @ 100% to a Main Playback Fader of choice
– (edit the PlaybackFader value in the Settings below to suit your needs)
– 3 - Create a Playback Button in Onyx that runs macro “External Macro 100”
– 4 - Create a Mapping here in ShowCockpit that executes this script from the Onyx button
– “ExternalMacro100” with these parameters:
– Pre-execute: bpm=1
– Post-execute: bpm=0
– 5 - Hit that Playback Button!