Little issue on 2dplan 4.6.1230

Little issue in the 2d Plan, Yesterday i have opend an already editing show,to this i have added and patched 4 new fixtures,then for these I have copied all programing from old fixtures to new,then I have deleted the old fixtures,and starter correcting a few things.the little strange issue was that in the 2d Plan with the groups Icon,so even if I have deleted them ,they where still visibile on the 2d Plan. But after a save and restart of Onyx they dissapeard as It should be.

I have noticed behavior like this on earlier versions too. If you placed a group on the 2D plan, then deleted that group, the icon on the 2D plan got stuck. It was not a big deal, but you just had to remember to clean groups off the 2D plan before you deleted them in the groups pool.