Low fps with gtx970?

Hi everyone !

I just wondered if this is normal.

I have a show with 30 moving heads and in my opinion there is something wrong.
Another thing is, that the 3d view “stutters” when i orbit around something.

Its a little less annoying when i switch to DX9 but i dont think thats the solution.

here my systemspecs:

8 gb ram
gtx 970
windows 10 pro (1511) x64
msd 6.0 build 1607.21003

Thanks a lot!

nVidia driver up to date?

Driver is 368.81

Would it be possible to send us the scene ? (support@lighthouse.nl)
That way we can have a look and maybe figure out what is slowing down the FPS

In the preferences menu of the 3D Visualizer, try setting the Live performance fader to the far left.

Also make sure any complex objects, trusses etc are on separate layers and turn off the intersection calculation for these layers.

If anyone else runs into this problem and Nvidia the solution is in the Nvidia Control Panel. Make sure to add Martin Show Designer to application to switch from intel graphics to Nvidia. The issue described above is most likely due to the user hardware processing on Intel Graphics and not auto switching to Nvidia 970


I tried again to get rid of this problem and i discovered something.

Its not a fps-thing. Thats fine so far. The screen only “stutters” when i move(!) the camera.
Its not happening when im just zooming in or out.

That problem is not bound to a specific scene. Its also there when i start a new one and place just one

Does anybody else experience this problem ?


Hi, yes I have this same problem. I have a Dell XPS 15 9560 with a GTX 1050 graphics processor, and the screen stutters to the point of unworkable. The scene in MSD is very simple, only a stage and about 8 spots and 8 washes. I’ve tried all the suggestions everyone has mentioned above, setting my Nvidia settings to run with MSD, and still no luck.

Did you try the right click ?