M-PC does not update from MSD 6 Pro Focus beam positions

I have one way dmx communication from M-PC to MSD. Is there a setting to be switched ON in M-PC to receive MSD DMX data? For example if I move 12 vipers using the FOCUS BEAM tool, I would like the pan and tilt information to update in M-PC for quick position cues. I am new to MSD. I searched MSD’s manual for “dmx output” however the results did not explain dmx output. I noticed both the program manual and the online manual are for MSD 5, is the a manual for Martin Show Designer 6?
DMX-On (Green) M-PC (Selected Follow)
M-PC current 3.50… MSD 6.0 build 1607…
Same computer


Once M-PC and MSD are running, go to M-PC, then click the blue ball menu icon on the upper left.
Go to Add-ons. and click on the 3D Visualizer icon.

Now you have a bi-directional communication.

That’s the ticket, thanks!

I have the same problem and the solution you gave dont resolve the problem.

Do you have other suggestions?

Not really, it should work unless there’s something not installed properly.

I install it on 3 different pc.
But it not work welk.

Send an email to support@lighthouse.nl they can probably ask more specific questions to resolve this.

This is now being discussed with Lighthouse & M-Series development team

They are looking into this