M-Touch/M-Play Window shows M2PC instead of M-Touch

I run a M-Play, M-Touch, and a M2PC.

I would swear previously I have been able to ‘see’ the M-Touch on the M-Touch/M-Play window separately from the M2PC which I see on the bottom of my screen because Playback Visualizer is enabled.

Since upgrading to Onyx the M-Touch/M-Play window now shows the M2PC instead of showing the M-Touch/M-Play so I’m unable to ‘see’ Playbacks of the M-Touch.

Another thing I’ve noticed is Onyx is not remembering the device space

Everytime I restart Onyx both the M-Play & M-Touch are back on device space 0 even though I normally have the M-Touch on higher # to have separate control from the M2PC

I was thinking about this overnight and I’m now positive that all last summer when I was still running on M-PC that it was remembering the device space #. I had a show every week where I was using the M2PC along with the M-Touch and M-Play and it always remembered the device space # from the previous show.

Just curious if anyone has seen these issues?

Hi Lightguy,

I have to agree with you I believe the M-Play/Touch are indeed resetting to ID zero, and I am also pretty sure that it use to save the ID # to the device as I made a cuelist that would swap to a certain bank page on Device 11 & 12 on my devices which is what I had mine set to previously after checking my standard show file.