M1 to windows asus tablet.

I’m attempting to connect my Asus tablet running Onyx to my M1 but im having no luck. Both the M1 and Onyx on the tablet are running version 4.2.1057. I have a router connected to the remote network port on the M1 and the tablet is also connected to that router. I pinged the M1 through the cmd on the tablet and it came back with a response but it seems the software isn’t communicating. Any tips would be much appreciated.


Did you make sure to enable X-Net (for joining shows) communication on both machines. Under the Network settings you should see the networks as well as any devices and shows on the network. Sorry I can’t remember the exact menu path at the moment. Also check the IP’s. Make sure they are both in the same range.

Here’s a link to the manual for further assistance.


Hope this helps,