M2GO not recognised as USB2DMX interface

Edit: The problem was solved by updating the internal PC to the latest firm- and software.
Funny thing is: The M2GO is still not recognised as USB2DMX device, but puts out DMX. Thanks to Marcel Vranken from LMP for helping me.

Hi there,

my M2GO is running in USB mode connected to a laptop with ONYX 4…1052. It’s not recognised as an USB2DMX device and does not output signals on the four DMX ports, although it works fine as faderwing and preprogramming with Capture via SACN worked fine.

I tried on another laptop and updated the ONYX version in the M2GO itself to the latest version, still not working. (Running in CPU mode, the software also doesn’t recognise any USB2DMX device, but that might be normal)

Also I tried to reconfigure the DMX ports with the Console tester, didn’t help also.

Now I don’t know what to try next, does anybody have a suggestion for me?

Thank you! Markus