M2PC as Midi Controller??

Hi Obsidian People,

I’m a user of a rival lighting software product, and recently came into posession of a working Martin M2GO. As I’m not an ONYX user I have no real need for it in its current form (I understand you can still use these legacy products as Wings with the current software).

I was wondering if it were at all possible to use the M2GO (in USB controller mode) as a midi/osc controller for other lighting software? This might be a completely stupid question but I thought I’d ask first before I sell this thing on to someone who would actually use it for its intended purpose.

The device has USB out and conventional midi outputs. I figured if the controller functions like the encoders, faders etc. Spit out midi or osc data they could easily be put into something like Show cockpit to control other software. But I don’t know if this is possible. If anyone could shed some light please let me know.


Well…I can’t specifically say yes or no to your question. But if you came into possession of it and would like to ship it to me just let me know. I can pay shipping.


Not possible at all.
There is no code in the M2GO firmware for any midi or osc support, its completely proprietary to M-Series / ONYX.

Yeah, I thought as much. Thanks for confirming my suspicions, and totally understandable. It’s the same with Chamsys, MA, etc.

And thanks for the offer Watson, but I’ve already got somebody lined up. Cheers!