Macro triggered chase is activated but doesn't run

Hi guys, I haven’t had time to confirm this in a test show file 'cause I’ve got to get the current show finished. But what I’m experiencing in Onyx 4.2.1057 looks like this:

  1. Create a chase cuelist “My chase” set to 154bpm. In Playback Buttons, “Go” runs the chase all ok.
  2. Release “My Chase”, all ok.
  3. In a separate Timecode cuelist (I’m running internal timecode) set a macro on a cue to “Trigger”, “My Chase”, “Cue 1”
  4. Observe that when running the timecode cuelist, “My Chase” is activated and Cue 1 of the chase is live, however the chase is NOT running and I can’t find any way to make it run from a separate cuelist.

[I also notice that “My Chase” is being automatically released on the next cue in the timecode cuelist, when there is no cue set to release “My Chase”. EDIT: I haven’t been able to replicate this in a test showfile]

Mmmm weird, hope it’s not a corruption in the showfile or the next few days are going to be hell!!

Rebooted and Showfile appears ok

I also discovered the following:

  1. I made a copy of the timecode cue list and called it “Test”.
  2. Changed “Test” from timecode cuelist, to normal cuelist (wanting to test whether that made any difference)
  3. Then removed macros relating to timecode
  4. Hmmm cuelist doesn’t like that. When I try to run “Test”, the timecode macros re-appear and “Test” cuelist refuses to advance on GO!

Yup something funny going on there!

Moral of that story appears to be: Remove any timecode-related-macros before changing a timecode cuelist to a normal cuelist!

I’ve revisited this with a new blank default showfile and can confirm and replicate this bug (Onyx ver 4.2.1057).

A chase will NOT run when triggered by a macro from another cue list (though the chase button in Playback Buttons displays the play icon correctly). None of the following attempted workarounds work:

  • Multiple macro TRIGGER commands
  • Macro PAUSE commands
  • Setting the chase to be the MAIN cuelist
  • A macro trigger of a chase fails from both timecode and standard cuelists
  • Trigger any chase cue

Clicking GO directly on the chase playback button causes the chase to run correctly as expected,

Obsidian people can you replicate this issue also?

email us this example file please to

The macro was triggered with the cue 1 target specified. This intentionally does a GOTO CUE 1 and stops the chase. Trigger it without the Cue #and it runs as expected.


Legend! Thanks Matthias.