Maxxyz+ Software Help

OldSchool. Currently trying to update a Maxxyz+ console I just obtained. It’s on 2.80.374. My goal is 2.92.411.1. I found 2.92 in the archive, but someone suggested it may be too big a jump and that it could need an iso dvd burn. I searched for 2.90 to step on, but it doesn’t seem to be available for the Maxxyz+ in the archive. Aside from that, I tried 2.92 anyway on a USB. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to use a disk or not, I couldn’t find release notes or instructions. I’m trying to tread carefully. It seemed to work, but I got a message “Encountered an illegal instruction”. I chose the option that avoided said instruction. After completion, the console remains 2.80.374. Can anyone help me with this properly?

TLDR: Instructions and files needed for updating from 2.80.374 to 2.92.411.1