Merging and replacing workspaces should honour view numbers as saved

At the moment, when I merge a saved workspace into a show file, it imports my custom views and adds them to the next available view numbers. This breaks sidebar and F-key assignments, as they are now referencing the wrong view number.

I tried to get around this by moving my custom views to start at view numbers 300+, but after merging into a clean show file, Onyx moved my views right back to the next available numbers instead of the numbers I saved them to.

Replacing the workspaces has the same issue of not honouring the view numbers.

My suggestion is that merging or replacing workspaces should leave my views at the numbers where I put them, and should only move them when those view numbers are already taken.

So I did some digging and looking over the (XML?) .onyxsettings file it looks like the view numbers are in fact saved in this file, but for whatever reason aren’t restored when the file is then merged?