Midi output from cuelists

Hey guys

I know you’re busy with lots of things, but I had an idea.

Some software I use alongside my lighting software can be more easily controlled with midi than DMX/Artnet/sACN.

I’ve started delving into the midi macro capabilities of ONYX but I read in the manual that while it can pass through midi, it won’t generate it’s own midi messages.

Is this a thing that could be added?

To refine what I’m wanting…
basically select a port number (defined in the main menu), select a channel, select DATA1 and DATA2 (aka. CC# or note number and a value) under macros in a standard cuelist.

maybe call it External MIDIMACRO?

Examples of software I’d want to control like this is Pangolin Quickshow for lasers (you need to upgrade to Pangolin Beyond Advanced in order to get Artnet input and that costs a few thousand dollars, the basic version of quickshow can be better controlled by MIDI than by USB-DMX)

Another example is the pixel software JINX! (live-leds.de)
When controlled by sACN it is very buggy, but Midi control is much more reliable.

Also some VJ software packages.

And many interesting things like midi controlled relays, potentially weird things with audio gear… who knows what people might come up with!

I love having my cuelist based lighting software as the heart of my setup.
It would be great to be able to easily trigger lighting cues that also tell other packages what to do to help deliver cohesive stage setups.