MSD and Arch's

Hi All. I have a theatre show coming up and the client has a heap of arch’s. They have made them up in photoshop. How is the best way of getting them into MSD? If you map the arch onto a cube then yes it works. You can see the fixture in the transparent. If move the beam of the fixture onto the surface the cube stops it. If you an make the surface allow the beam to pass through it then that works. But if the beam is behind the cube it isn’t visible when not passing through the arch. If I make it in stechup then there is other issues. Thoughts???

Hello Michael,

Importing a Sketchup 3D model into MSD, should not be a problem…

If there is an issue with a certain Sketchup model, simply send it to the Lighthouse folks

FYI, in next MSD build, Modeler will support object intersection, you can build arches yourself. You may want to contact Lighthouse, in order to use MSD Beta for your current show

cheers mate. Good to see that there is some development again. Paying year after year and only seeing bug fixes.

Super cool!!!

Looks good. I was having some issues importing .dwg files…have to dig in to that, a bit more.

Please note you can import ACAD files directly into the Visualizer now…

Do all the layers of the dwg file need to be merged?


You get a popup, letting you decide which layer you want to import

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Awesome…LDI for you? (ever?)

I am also looking for a good selection of venue models, do you have a good resource for those, right now?

(I looked at Sketchup, but no telling if they are to scale, by appearance)