MSD: Example of Paperwork?


I am interested in the MSD pro license but I would like to see the paper work that can be generated by MSD first. I do not find any example in the net.

Can somebody post a 2D paper work generated by MSD for a show so that I can see if it is suficiant for my usecases?

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Have a look at my MSD studio FB page

Hi Ofer,

thank you! I dont have Facebook (maybe I am the last on earth :slight_smile: ).

Now I have an impression of the 2D paperwork. Is there any possibility to try that out by myself?

I have different stages to care about. Sometimes with 60 or more fixtures, sometimes only 16. What I am trying to find out is: How much must I do by hand to get such a plan or can I just press a “generate” button and everything looks like the pic you have posted.

And: is the tool also generating:

  • patch lists
  • power consumption lists
  • transportation load volume lists

And is it able to plot also the beams of the conventional fixtures?

Here you can see how I am currently doing my stage instructions (much by hand):

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