Msd libaries

So I filled in the fixture request a few days ago. I havnt heard anything back. I also asked for a m series libary and that was made same day. I just need a basic led strip 1m long rgbw 15 10 watt cells that works. I tried a generic led bar in the current libary and it didnt work. either by manual or dmx in. Is there a way to make custom fixtures for concepts? Is there plans to make generic led fixtures that work? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 choose your own cell count?

just got an email cheers guys now I can finish the next project. what info would you need to make it a complete profile? cheers mike.

Hello Michael,

I suggest you communicate directly with Lighthouse Support, not via the forum

In this case, we could not find acurate dimensions, DMX ranges/values, light output and strobe frequencies. If you have any additional information, please send them to us (

In general, what we need to create an MSD Fixture profile, we need:

  • Dimensions
  • Light output (curves, or at least center intensities (for min/max zoom angles)
  • Beam Angle(s)
  • DMX Protocols (function/ranges/values)
  • Images of Gobos, Effects, Animation wheels etc.
  • Colors (Colorwheels)
  • Frequencies (Strobe etc.)
  • Link to Product page if possible.

Thanks for the clarification guys.

Indeed, some manufacturer have really poor documentation, make it nearly impossible to do profile.