MSD Problems

Hello everybody. I have the following situation. I have a room where I am supposed to provide light in the coming weeks. I have several MH’s back in the room attached to the ceiling and built this room in MSD. I put everything in the same way. Now follows the problem, my MH’s do not run the same position as in MSD. It seems as if it were mirrored. If I take in the room in MSD front left, they run forward right. It is not logical for me because they can not be wrongly rotated, otherwise they would turn to the back. Does one understand my problem? I do not know what to do.

I’m sorry if my English is not so good. Greetings from Germany

Hello Stephan,

Please report these issues to

However, it is easy to invert Pan/Tilt, to match the real profile

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Hi Stephan,

This sounds like a Pan/Tilt inversion problem like Ofer already indicated.
If the Pan/Tilt inversion does solve the problem, then there could be a problem in the definition of the MH.
Can you tell (e-mail us which MH(s) are causing these problems, so we can fix their definition(s) ?
There is the possibility that the actual fixture was setup to invert Pan and/or Tilt, so please check that the P/T Invert settings on the real fixture(s) don’t match the settings in MSD when the movement of MSD and the real fixture match.

Hello, I’ll test friday what Ofer has written.
I will then report again
Thank you very much