MSD6 Vector works

Is there a way to import a vector works file into MSD6 pro? How would I do so?

yes, the way it works, is you need Vectorworks for Windows and in there you export to MSD file using the plugins provided with MSD.
Then that file can be imported into MSD.

what type of file does it need to be?

VW export a specific format for MSD. (SDXML)

Thank you . I do not have vector works my self. I am receiving a file and needed to know the format.

The person exporting needs to have MSD as the plugins is part of MSD

I can help with conversion if needed.
Send a link to the file on pm.

It needs to be done in Vectorworks as Paul says and you have to have the msd-dongle in the computer to use the plugin.


So I can’t get an email with the file in t the format SDXML and import it?

Yes, if the person who create the file has MSD and Vectorworks.

The alternative is to get help from Bjorn, email him the VW file and he will convert it to MSD.

Hey I have a similar situation as Justin did back in June. I have MSD6 but not Vectorworks… Have a company I’m working with now that has sent me a Vectorworks file I would like to import. Any chance I could get a hand converting the file to .SDXML?

Send the vwx file my way!

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We released a new VW plugin last Wednesday that should improve the textures in a VectorWorks mesh object, so make sure that you have the latest version, otherwise you might miss some textures.

Hi guys where would I find the new plug-in

The VW plugin is part of MSD installer. Always keep your MSD up to date, to have the latest drivers and plugins