NETRON Central Utility Release Candidate 1.006 / NETRON 2.92 firmware

This release candidate contains firmware fixes for the NETRON EN4, EN12, EN12-45, EP2, EP4 and RDM10.

NETRON 2.9. 2 (included in CLU) Obsidian Control Systems

	Release Notes for NETRON Central Utility
		(C) 2022 - Obsidian Control Systems

V1.006 (11/10/2022)

Includes Firmware
EN12 V2.9.2
EN4 V2.9.2
EP4 V2.9.2
EP2 V2.9.2
RDM10 V2.9.2

New features

Added new homescreen "Universe Browser" for immediate assignment of Universes to ports by using the encoder wheel and a simple click (EN12/EN4)


Identify uses LED and Display level @ 100%
Node Web UI refinements (colors/text sizes)

Bug Fixes

Corrects sACN and Art-Net sometimes missing frames on 0s changes
Fixed Backup Export / Import for EN12
Improved sACN priority handling
Fixed node discovery with 169.254.x.x addresses (e.g. no DHCP Server)
Improved RDM compliance
Corrects RDM10 performance hiccups

V0.1.004 (08/13/2022)

Improved device table layout
Improved device discovery speed and UI feedback
Increased speed of device online/offline monitoring
Improved reliability and speed of firmware updates
Added "About" screen with Version Number, Release Notes, Help File

V0.1.1001 (08/01/2022)

Added status feedback LED to show nodes online/offline
Improved discovery speed
UI recalls position and size

V (06/23/2022)

First public beta version
Supports discovery on all network ports over LLRP
Allows IP configuration, Identify
Firmware updates for one or multiple devices
Direct access to all device web pages

Hi Matthias,

I was able to successfully update an EN4, EP4, and RDM10 from this version. However, on the EN4 and EP4, updating the firmware also reset all of the settings. This did not happen with the RDM10.

I also haven’t figured out/don’t see the new Universe Browser feature on my EN4.

System/Display/Home Screen/Universe Browser

Thanks! Is there a way to get back into that once I hit back which takes me to the “normal” home screen without going back into the menu and reactivating that setting?

hit the back arrow until the universe highlight turns off.

After using CLU to update an EP2 to firmware 2.92 it also reset the unit. It took a moment to regain control of the unit as it was plugged into a 10.101.7.x IP range with a sACN DHCP preset. After the update, it went to the 2.x.y.x with an Art-Net preset.

Is it possible, that after the firmware updates it can stay on the preset (or custom configuration) that it was set to prior to the update.

Thanks for the hard work on another great product line.


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Is it possible to utilize RDM from the CLU or will that still need to be done from a console?

Any plans for a Mac based version of CLU?

RDM is not available within the app, but it is planned to add this.
We may offer a MAC version once the feature set is more complete.


There’s a “bug” in the CLU.

When you set a port and clone all the other port to it. The cloned port are not displayed as clone in the CLU.

Example :
Set the port 1 to out artnet 201. Set port 2 to clone.
In the CLU you will see port 1 out 201, port 2 out 2 (should be 201).


Does CLU assume that your computer’s NIC is using a network submask of

No, any valid subnet works.

Please note that the power cycle order of turning on the router and EN4 matters. I realized that the reason I couldn’t get the EN4 to show up in Onyx was that I plugged in the power to the EN4 first. It doesn’t appear to refresh its search for a router automatically. So I found that if I navigate to the network settings of the EN4 with the dial/knob and, since I’m using DHCP, hit enter (push in the knob) on that setting already chosen in the EN 4 , it will subsequently get an IP address from the router. After doing that it then shows up in Onyx.

Tried to use the NCU Release Candidate to update an EP4 to 2.9.2, however, all it does is identify the device. I can’t select any status or configuration options on the device with NCU. These options do work from the web interface.

The device has a red world icon. What does that indicate? This device has the invalid DHCP IP address reported in this thread

Given that NCU isn’t working, is the web interface the only route to update the firmware? Or would you suggestion something else like a factory reset first?

After switching to a static IP address, NCU was able to update the firmware to 2.9.2. After the update, the device defaulted back to a 2.x.x.x. address and all settings/configuration was erased.