Newbie Questions

I’ve spent some hours learning a bit about Onyx. Currently using Onyx with the Enttec DMX Adapter.
Question 1: Why do I sometimes have to use Clear Clear to continue? For example, I’ll be using presets and all of a sudden nothing works. Clear, Clear and all is back to normal.
Question 2: Can I attach the Pan/Tilt POPUP to a function key?
Question 3: Can I reorder the Left Panel functions?


I’ll try to answer some of these questions to the best of my ability. On the Clear Clear, it is hard to say, it might depend on your programming flow? It is possible, that you have recorded a cue and the programmer is waiting for you to “re-select” lights. Also, be aware when using presets, that if the fixture is not “in the preset” then it won’t be affected by it. Just something to check maybe?

The Pan/Tilt Pop Up can be toggled from a function key. Just so you are aware, there is already a “toggle popups” at the top right of the screen views if enabled. But to assign a toggle to a function key…go to the menu and unlock the workspaces. The “Assignments” section are now enabled and you can select functions. Select the function location, select “Commands” / “Channel Visualization” / “Toggle”.

The “Sidebar” (Left Panel Functions) can be re-ordered, but not maybe as easy as you hope. You can’t “drag and drop” / “rearrange”, but you can re-assign a new view, window, command, fixture, etc. You might want to create a new workspace to mess around with and get use to.

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Also you may have something in the command line window…delay, fade , edit, etc and clear clear removes it from focus

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