No dmx with sACN or artnet in ONYX

I am having a nightmare. I had artnet working with the KM loop test loopback at the house. Now I can’t get a connection at all. I have an install that I am trying to program for a show tonight. I have been banging my head against a wall for hours now trying to make it work. No deals. I have tried two different sACN boxes and a dmx king eDMX Pro ( I had it working last night at the house) that I have tried to no avail Onyx “see’s” the km test ip address and subnet but there is no connection.
The adapters work on a computer with MPC so I know it’s not the boxes.
Please help.
Onyx show file seems to not be backward compatible with MPC.
My computer is up to date
I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and reconfiguring the KM test loopback.

I suggest asking the official Facebook group for more of a response.

I don’t have those but I wonder, if launching Artnetominator first makes any difference?

For artnet, remember that you need to be on adress