Nx-2 boot loop dylos error

I have an NX2 that will crash and get stuck in a boot loop if I attempt to access the dylos motion for lights. I have been able to connect a laptop and run it via the software via usb but the actual NX2 won’t boot up.

I’m assuming there’s a software glitch that’s causing the problem and I need to update to the latest firmware. How do I wipe and reinstall the OS and bring over my show files and DMX addressing?


Sorry to hear you are having trouble with your NX2. Installing the OS is fairly straight forward. As long as you follow the instructions.

First as you have already indicated, you should backup any showfiles , workspaces, or DyLOS user content that you want (or need) to keep onto a USB flash drive separate from the one used to (re)install the new OS. An OS install will wipe and re-format the NX2 internal hard drive.

Next you’ll want to download the current console OS from the support website. Download (obsidiancontrol.com) You’ll want to scroll down to the OS section. Here is the link for how to properly create the bootable USB stick (again separate from the showfiles backup stick). Installing the Operating System

Last you’ll need to download and re-install the DyLOS content package. Once done, you should be able to open / load your saved showfile.

Hope this helps,