Onyx and Ableton with M-Touch

Okay, need some help here. Trying to help a local rap act sync a separate Windows computer running Onyx with an M-Touch.

Ableton runs their show on a mac, I need it to be able to send LTC or MTC to the Windows computer running Onyx. Basically I need to know what kind of interface I need to see LTC on the Windows computer without spending all the money on the Martin LTC box. They have no money and I’m trying to help. I just don’t want to give them my NX Wing for 4 weeks.

Anyone have ideas? I guess i could use showcockpit and run an older version of Onyx since it doesn’t need to be DYLOS or anything to get my input from the headphone jack. At least I think I can do that…

Use MTC, and link the computers via network, and install rtpMidi on each computer. No purchases required. Although I haven’t used Ableton, I have used Reaper to send MTC to a timecoded song/s in Oynx. (Actually MPC at the time)

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