ONYX and Ether2DMX8 over Artnet Issue

Just installed ONYX (free version) and am trying to get the software to talk to my ether2DMX8. Artnet enabled, IPV4 configured correctly, universes mapped and showing 1-4 as valid, 5-8 as locked (which makes sense reading the specs for the new software, 1st 4 universes free over artnet/sACN). Ether2DMX8 unit is set to factory preset 1, Mx Series, which splits the unit into (2) 4port nodes. Both are showing up in the device section of ether2dmx in the software, but the display on the unit is showing no connection and this is reflected in having 0 control. I can access the unit via web gui no problem. Uninstalled and reinstalled ONYX, no progress. Any thoughts?? I thought maybe a licensing issue?..running Windows10 V1703 B15063.1155 enterprise

FYI, ether2dmx8 has licence built in (64 universe on MPC, and 128 on ONYX…I believe)

internet proxy settings seemed to be the culprit…verified in the lan settings, unchecked proxy server for LAN, rebooted, and the magic pixies finally cooperated. @Sylas yes all 8 universes are now showing unlocked. Was not sure if the MPC license carried over or not.

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Not only did it carryover, appears that it doubled :slight_smile:

Update to latest version 1010