Opacity effect without dylos

I’ve been trying to achieve a color swipe that keeps our base color on. It’s just a way I’ve been brought up since the first led software I learned.

I’m trying to get a white led box trace going inward. If I used dylos, the orientation is based off our 2d setup which sometimes I want it to hit cell by cell.

Avolites has been so far the most consistent with how I personally like to program. I’ve hit numerous walls with onyx but this particular wall has been so hard to find ways around, so I’ll try my bet here. I do also facebook but a large amount of people there is on their journey of understanding the software.

The picture I’ve uploaded shows the direction I want to program but I’d like it in that direction and as an opacity. I’m aware dylos could do this but I’m scratching my head on how to trace each cell instead of lighting the last block as a whole fixture.

There doesn’t seem to be a way to do this in the way I usually do it on avolites.

I only need one runtime to chase towards the middle bar where it “overlays” on top of whatever color I have as my base. It’s just basically like the opacity on dylos but it seems restrictive because I have to draw out the fixtures on the 2d map but it doesn’t give me full control to trace the exact direction.

The company I worked for has avolites but decided to go with this board because the owner likes how moving head movements looks comparing to chamsys and avolites. Which I do agree but there’s a lot of barriers that make this console a bit hard to want to keep.

I told them, give me time and I’m willing to learn the board to it’s full capabilities.

Hello Chris,

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