Patching Chauvet GigBar2 Intensity

Hello again.

So I’m trying to add my GigBar2 to my showfile. I selected the Chauvet DJ GigBar2 from the library, selecting the 23 channels vs the 11 or 3. Universe 1 like everything else so far, auto id and all that and started with addresses 201-224. Once added to my 2D plan and I select a par, or anything rather, there is no Intensity to adjust, only Shutter/Strobe. On the far right, greyed out it says “Intensity N/A”.

Is there another way to turn them on and what not? Selecting my different spots and pars I added in the past show Intensity and work fine.

I Figured it out. So when selecting the fixtures from the library, when it show the channels on the right pane, under it it says “virtual dimmer” on or off. It was off, so I deleted the fixtures and patched them back in with the virtual dimmer on. Bingo they work now.