Patching fixture issue


Since I update MSD 6 LIte this morning I have a problems with patching fixture.
When I select fixture and tried to change dmx adress, window with adress can’t be select and I can’t put in any numbers.
This happend to me first time and only change that I did was updating MSD .
Anyone had same problem ?

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Hello Leon,

I don’t see this issue on my side. Please provide a link to your scene file

Here you go @Ofer_Brum

ShowX.rar (1.3 MB)

Maybe it is problem with MSD Lite, as I can see you use MSD Pro.

Thanks, @Leon

To my knowledge, the only difference between Pro & Lite, is some features removed. The software is the same

I can see this issue, with the provided scene file, so it definitely related…

However, you can still patch your fixtures, via Quick Patch (Shift+P), and also Show Designer module

I’ll leave this to @LighthouseHolland, to look into this issue


Thanks @Ofer_Brum

We encountered the same problem here, and after some investigating it looks like a code change in the latest version (6.0.1802.21) of the 3D Visualizer had some unforeseen side effects, causing this behavior.

As soon as we have a fix, we will release an update with a new 3D Visualizer module.
We are sorry for the inconvenience.

There are new updates available for MSD 6 Pro and MSD 6 Lite with a bug fix for this problem:
version 6.0.1802.23 or higher.

Please go to, login, and download the appropriate update installer.