Please, revision at the beams in MSD Pro 6

Please guys, when a serious revision at the beams in MSD Pro 6?
MAC Axion with a breakup gobo. The beam looks like more near to a wash fixture that a beam with a fine breakup gobo

Robe Pointe with a 6 facets linear prism. The beams goes really crazy

For the Axiom break up, this is due to the fat that several small beams overlay each other, bt let see if they can improve the definition.

For the Pointe, I tried i here, and if you increase the quality in the preference it get’s better.

Anyway, I’m sending this scene to Lighthouse.

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Thank you for your answer Paul.
Quality is allways setting to “Best” in my MSD.

In the Axion case if i change the gobo with another with less beams and no so smalls,things does not goes much better.

In the Pointe case here can see that my preference are setting to best.

If i reduce to a Best Live Performance beam dessapears.

Note that the beam problems starts when it goes facing the camera or near to facing the camera.

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Lighthouse is looking into it.

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I’m sure they can do it.
Thanks a lot, Paul.


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What about this issue whit the beams?
I´ve posted this 6 months ago. Some new versions since then, some new wonderfull pulgins since then, some new fixed since then, but nothing about something as basic as a correct beams in a software for lighting show. Really, i don`t understand.