Possible to create fixture with "virtual" parameters channels in Library Editor?

I’m wanting to create a custom profile that has two color channels, and an intensity that acts as a master on them, using only DMX channels that correspond to the colors.

The situation is this: My Gaffer has some LED fixtures that he has homebuilt using older LitePanel brand DMX ballasts. These ballasts accept two channels of DMX, and output two channels, which he has connected to the 5600K and 3200K LEDs in his fixtures respectively. So I would like to create a profile that has two color channels. So far no problem. The shortcoming is my parameters window then does not have a parameter for intensity. I’d like to add an intensity parameter that does not output a DMX channel but rather acts as a master over the two color channels.

I’ve figured out some workarounds to control his fixtures, but only after I tried and failed to homebrew such a profile. For general reference, is this possible?

I don’t think you can create virtual parameter.

But Onyx create a virtual dimmer on certain case.

Maybe you can try to create a Red/Green fixture, and when Patching activate the virtual dimmer feature.

But maybe it will needs full RGB, and in this case you have a 3 channels profiles… Which is not what you are looking for

I don’t have the software in front of me but I am pretty sure in generic manufacture you have a single dimmer option. I would call one 5600k and one 3200k and do it that way. It would count as two separate fixtures but I would do it that way anyways.

There is also a fixtures generator which has a learning curve but for simple fixtures like the one you have payed out is really easy to use.

Edit After rereading I see you know about the editor. Technically wouldn’t have in the editor intensity but instead just colors which would be easiest as cool white and warm white. And the intensity is technically tied to color. It would work just like 3 channel rgb pars.

Update: I found this functionality. Don’t know if it was always there and I had missed it or if it was added, but under Generic fixtures there is a “Warm LED, Cool LED” option, that includes the virtual dimmer option.

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