Prepare moving lights for cue in another list?

I’m new to Onyx, coming over from a software that wasn’t near a robust. So far everything is great and I’m loving it, but here’s the scenario I’m trying to achieve (if possible).

I work for a church and my goal is to program lights for the songs in their individual cue list so that when we do the song again, all I have to do is put it back on a playback fader for a volunteer to run. My question that I can’t figure out is this: is there a way, via macro or some other method that wouldn’t require reprogramming a cue, to make the last cue of a cue list prepare our moving lights for the action of the first cue of another cue list?

ONYX has a feature called “MARK” that is exactly what you are looking for:

Thanks for the reply.
I came across Mark early when I was researching this, but it’s saying that mark works on the cue before another cue within the same list. I’m looking for the last cue of a song’s cue list to have the mark function for the first cue of another song’s cue list so that when we hit go on the first cue of the next song, it’s all ready to go. Will it work across lists like that?

I’m not in front of our console at the moment so sorry if that’s a stupid question. I won’t be able to test it out until tomorrow.