Qlab OSC with M-Series Console

Hi guys!! trying to use Qlab to fire some OSC commands for button pushes, and i dont seem to be able to get anything to communicate from my MBP to the console.

Have done all the usual OSC setup but cant seem to get any commands to pass through… yet ipad running touch OSC works perfectly.

An example of the OSC commands ive been trying is to make grand master @ 0… OSC command is /Mx/fader/2202/0 and i get no response… any help would be amazing!!



Configured the OSC ports correctly? Correct IP network?

Yup all configured correctly… or at least as far as i can tell. Even tried swapping it directly for the Touch OSC details i had configured for my iPad and just dropped the iPad off the network so there was no IP clash…

I will test it out by myself and then come back to you :slight_smile:

amazing thanks!!

Ok… got it…

In Qlab you have to set the port of the OSC device to “8000”
And then send the custom OSC command as follows: “/Mx/fader/2202 0” - so, without the last /

Have fun while programming :wink:

The best!! thanks mate!!

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