Question for the 360 viewing rendering options

I made this rendering:

Then I did the same exact thing but I chose the 360 render option and I got this:

The 360 render didn’t come out clear, and it seems much further zoomed out then the original intended camera angles were. Do the intended camera perspectives needs to be different when doing 360?

Also, what is the intended post processing to post on things like YouTube and Facebook. I converted it to a .mov file via VLC and then used the YouTube 306 data converter to post there, but as you can see it didn’t turn out right.

It is not possible to use zoom when creating a 360 video.
The 360 video is created by stitching 6 camera views together. We create a camera for the directions, forward, left, backward, right, up and down and the views in these directions need to line-up with each other, and that is only possible when the camera angle is fixed to 90 degrees.

When you render in 360 you need to think of the camera location and not what the camera is looking at.

In this case you place the camera way too far from the stage.