Hi, Im starting out with onyx and am having trouble with renaming things.

Hello @Jai_Voss
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To rename a Preset just simply click on it and start writing with a keyboard (or on screen keyboard)
To rename Cues/Chases You need to SELECT that thing by olding down SELECT button and touch what You want to select. Then go to SELECTED CUELIST view and click EDIT MODE on top. Next to EDIT MODE is the name box - touch it and start writing the new name click ENTER.
To rename a VIEW You have to click on the small padlock monitor next to ONYX logo in top left corner.
Then Your View EDIT options are available.
Just go to the view You want to rename, and when You are at it, click a small disket icon on top of the screen, You will get a popup with option to rename the view, tjhat You are currently in.