"Retrack all parameters" not working correctly?

I have the issue that the “retrack all parameters” option is not working correctly for me (I think). As far as I understand if the option is turned off and I trigger for example Cue 3 (with a macro) inside a Cuelist only Cue 3 will fire without the tracked parameters from Cue 1 and 2.

Strangely this doesn’t happen for me because even when the option is turned off, Onyx still tracks all parameters. This happens when I’m using Cue Macros and the “direct Cue” Option inside the Playback Buttons View.

A direct CUE over commandline or macro retracks and reestablishes the full cue state. This is intentional, retrack off is meant to go down a cuelist with GO and not have the cue recalculated to other things can run and you don;t have to mess with priorities.
But in the middle of a show you say we have to jump forward to cue 55 the console will output exactly the state of Cue 55.

Sorry, but I don’t quite understand what you mean.

The manual says the following:
“In other words, it will look back to the previous cues and apply all attribute changes that have been made up to that point. By doing this, if you start in the middle of the cuelist, the look on stage will be the same as if you had stepped through the cuelist from the beginning.”

How would you start in the middle of the Cuelist? The only way I know is with the Direct Cue Button and Macros

You can’t start in the middle of a list and not have it retrack all values.