Right clicking on screen / Clear parameter

Hi everyone,

I am often working with clearing specific parameters or parameter groups. The primary way I do this is through touch and holding (right clicking) the parameter to then clear it or clear it partially.
I have been discovering a lot of inconsistencies with the times it works and the times it doesn’t.

Especially, when parameters are minimised, to the right of the programmer, the right click window never pops up since 1218 (as far as I remember). I then always have to use a mouse, which is no fun if your finger is on the screen most of the time.

Is there another way in the programmer or NX2/NX4 that you can clear parameters with, that I may not be aware of?
I want to ask before I make myself another custom solution with autohotkey and gunk up my space with more physical buttons.


You can hold CLEAR and click the encoder wheel down to remove a parameter.

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Thanks! That works for me.