Running MSD and MPC on the same computer

Hey guys. I am running msd 6 1603.25002 + Mpc 3.50.641 on my Dell Precision M3800. It is having issues. If I open up the Task manager it says that mpc isn’t responding then comes back then locks up then comes back. It says that I am only using 3gb of my 16 gb of ram. 7% of the Cpu. Is there something I should be looking at? Should I reinstall the os? Cheers guys mike.

Hello Michael,
Is this about MSD or M-PC?

Unknown I think it could be a bit of both. I will also copy it to mpc now

Ram doesn’t have precedence in the case of Martin Show Designer. The video card takes priority in processing the information. Take some of the graphics capabilities down in the settings and environment. If you have a good graphics card then it’s a summer mystery

Any suggestions on what Laptop you might recommend to run both including the visualizer. I looking to purchase a new laptop and want to be able to have MPC and MSD on the same computer so that I can program shows easier.


Dell Precision 5510

I have this one and love it.

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Great, thanks for the suggestion Paul!

If there are any other suggestions it there feel free to chime in. Thanks!

I run an ASUS with GTX960, works great running both.