Selected cuelist rate *resolved*

Hey guys.

Does the selected cuelist rate reset when a new cuelist is selected?

For example:
I have cuelist 1 selected, and change the selected cuelist rate to 150%.
Next i select cuelist 2. Does the 150% rate apply for cuelist 2 since i have now selected it, or will it reset back to default?

If it resets, will the previously selected cuelist retain the rate set by the encoder?

Ive been thinking about this today, but dont have my computer in front of me to check. The manual doesnt say specifically one way or the other.

I would like to be able to change fade times on the fly for a certain cue stack I have (positions) without everything else being changed (color changes, dimmer chases etc).

***EDIT***I realize that changing the Selected Cuelist Rate will only affect the cuelist i have selected. I guess I am wondering if I can have several cuelists set to different rates via the encoder, or if it stays the same until it is changed
EDIT 2 I tested it, and it all works they way I need it to!