ShowDesigner on a Mac

I’m wondering if anyone has installed ShowDesigner ( on a Mac, specifically the new MacBook Pro, and had a good experience with it. I’m hoping to virtualize a venue so that I can program a lighting show without having to be there, but if it doesn’t run very smoothly (even with the upgraded graphics options, Radeon Pro 460 with 4GB of GDDR5 memory) then its not worth it to me to buy the computer.

Hi there,

I’ve been using msd for a couple of years now with a MacBook. Since the beginning and Most of the time with boot camp but also with parallels. Since I’ve been using it with a dedicated workstation I no longer used the MacBook. It opened my eyes because the performance was just terrible on the MacBook compared to the workstion.

Since 3 months I’ve got the new Alienware laptop and it completely beats the MacBook Pro 15 inch retina that is just 1 year old. The Alienware is almost 1500,00 euros cheaper than the MacBook. So I my opinion don’t even think about using msd on a MacBook. Because msd is basilcly a “game” with a game engine you need a good gpu. Maybe the guys of Lighthouse can tell you more about this.

Thanks for replying. Can I ask the specs of the Mac you were using?

I’m sure a PC with a comparable retail price would be better for MSD, but I can get a good discount on Apple products that would make getting the MacBook Pro a better deal if it could in fact run MSD well.


Here is a screenshot of the specs from the old MBP Retina 15" I used, the newer MBP retina I used for MSD is 2 years newer but that one is at the studio so I’ll try to sent a screenshot of the specs tomorrow.



Unfortunately i don’t have bootcamp with windows on both computers, otherwise I could do a benchmark test on the MBP’s and the Alianware so you could see the difference.

Maybe you can check out this website to compare de CPU and GPU from the MBP you’re eyes are on and a good windows pc.

The performance on the new 15" macbook pro is rubbish. I run it inside vmware fusion, and I get better performance on a Surface Pro 2. (I have a knack for trying software on hardware never meant to run it)