Sound Trigger FFS

Its time for an integral sound trigger/input.
Now with DYLOS in play it is a glaring shortcoming.

I call it AIM (Audio Input Engine)

Mapping sound-trigger or a sound level to any attribute of DYLOS or any CL etc.
Lightjockey 20 years ago had this.

DYLOS is great and now we need the same ingenuity applied to audio inputs.
Serato as an example is very good at figuring out BPM and Bars.

Here are a few ideas for the AIM (Audio Input Engine)

-Auto FX BPM
-Auto FX BPM (Divided by 4 / 8 / 16)
-IMPULSE (I made this name up)
You can create as many as you want and the show up in the FX engine waveforms.
Great for pulsing or strobing any attribute in the FX engine

  • When you create an IMPULSE you can do crazy things like:
    -Every 4th beat create a Triangle wave.
    -Every beat create a 250ms square wave pulse.

Please, Its time now.

I will wave my consulting feeā€¦ Just give me a call :slight_smile: