Touch OSC Fader position

I’ve been messing with the TouchOSC control layout and its awesome but one problem I’ve been having is that when I change banks on the playback page it doesn’t update the position of the fader for each bank. Meaning that if I swap from bank 1 to bank 2 it will have all the faders at the position they were for bank 1 and if I touch them to change the level it jumps to the level left over from the previous bank.

Is this a limitation of touchOSC?

Thanks for your help.

I’ve been working with TouchOSC/Onyx for a few years now and have had the same irregular Fader behavior for as long as I can remember.

I believe (and can’t find anything to confirm or deny this) that it has to do with what feedback Onyx sends to OSC.
I’ve seen it update fader positions when switching banks, but only 80% of the time.
I also see behavior that changes which playback (OSC or Faders) take priority. Basically the de-synchronization of the banks causes weird issues where I’ll move Fader 30% up to 50%, OSC doesn’t update, and as soon as I touch the OSC fader, it drops the output to match the 30% that OSC is sending…

Its all rather frustrating to use in a live environment, so I end up relegating OSC to a remote focus unit and a way to do basic programming while walking around the space I’m in.

Fixing the syncing issues would make OSC immeasurably more useful…