TouchOSC communications problem

Hi everybody!

So I have this strange problem with TouchOSC (on IPad) and M-PC. They seem to connect together, but apart from that, there is no apparent communication between both ends.

More precisely, when following all the instructions available from the forum, my Ipad receive the “Update” command from the M-PC (the little red indicator light at the top right of the screen lights up shortly), but nothing else seems to go through.

I tried everithing I could think of, to no avail.

Thanks for your help!

There are quite a few settings that need to be set in order to make this properly. It is also recommended that your M-Series device and your iPad have Static IPs or you have to reset the addresses in both programs at every boot.

In MPC, go into Menu – Network – OSC – Settings. Click on for the ethernet interface that is connected to your wifi router. Make a note of the IP address and Port #. Go to the bottom of the screen and click Devices. Click one of the slots, and give your slot a label, device space (0 follows the MainPlaybacks. If you want your iPad to operate independently of this, set this to something other than 0). Make a note of this port #.

Open the TouchOSC app of your iPad. Load the MPC iPad layout, and click the OSC settings tab. The IP address is the address of the computer which you noted from the Setting Tab in MPC. Port (Outgoing) is the port # listed in MPC- OSC- Settings page. Port(incoming) is the port number listed on the Devices tab in MPC for the slot you picked. No need to touch the ZeroConf Name tab, and finally note the local IP address of the iPad. Go back to MPC - OSC- Devices tab, pick the slot your device is, and input the IP address of the iPad. Click Apply and Close Menu.

Back out of the OSC Settings Menu in the TouchOSC app, click DONE. You are now viewing the iPad template. At the top right, click on the last tab (the last one before the circle) and click refresh remote. Go to Tab 1, and you should now have bi-directional control of the program.

hi evrybody,

(sorry for my english…)

I think i’ve a similar problem.

my mpc transmit to the osc (faders on the phone moved) but not the inverse…

maybe it’s because i’m on android and not apple?

thank you to all the community

Pierre from France

You either have wrong IP address or wrong port configured in your phone.

Follow @hkmorgan1987 post step by step and you’ll find what you have done wrong.

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Hello Pier,

I just did that yesterday on Android, and it works both ways

ok, thank you,

i have the same problem again, and i follow the instruction.

and what’s about parallel desktop on my mac? can i have a problem with that?

osc receive, but no transmition.

So you have control in only one direction but not both. One of two things could be wrong. One of the port #s don’t match, or the windows firewall is interfering.

As far as Parallels goes, there is only setting that needs to be set properly. There are a couple network settings for the virtual machine.

Your virtual machine is likely using the Shared Network setting. This effectively turns Mac OS X into a router effectively placing your virtual machine behind a NAT. This allows for communication from the PC to the iPad, but not from the iPad to the PC. The fix for this is to set port forwarding in OS X to forward the port to the virtual machine.

Your second option is to set the networking option to Bridged:Ethernet or Bridged : WiFi. Pick the network type that is used to connect to your router. This places your virtual machine on the same network as everything else. The router will even give the virtual machine a new IP address. Using this option, there is no NAT, and bi-directional support is easily achieved with no other settings.

The second option is the one that I prefer.

perfect, thank u very much

i’ve changed it in the option of parallel desktop. it’s now bridge with wifi, and the ip adress is good.
it’s working.

thank you! for me, the topik is close :wink:

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Thank you very much for your answer. Sorry for the delay, I didn’t have the time to test it until now.
I followed your instructions, and I still have the same problem. The Ipad seems to synchronize to the M-PC (as it changes its Device Space ID number) but everything else doesn’t work. I can’t control the M-PC and the M-PC changes don’t affect the TouchOSC app.

I’m starting to think that maybe the commands outputted by both sides don’t match each other.

Do you have any idea what else could go wrong?

Here is my setup, in hopes it can provide some clue as to what is going on:

M-PC v 3.60.734.733 (release)
HP desktop with Windows 7 Service pack 1
D-Link router, wifi security disabled (since it seemed that with the security on there was absolutely nothing that worked)
Ipad 2 with iOS 9.3.5
TouchOSC with iPAD-Martin-M-Series_v1.17

Thank you again!

Hey, it may be beneficial to post screenshots of your configuration pages. We may see something that you overlooked. In the meantime, disable the windows firewall, and the anti-virus firewalll if you have one. Since you have at least partial support from MPC to the iPad, it sounds as though at least one of the port settings or an ip address is still incorrect.


I did everything as described. No communication between my android phone and mpc. tested wit MPC Tool, via midi Bridge and it worked like a charm! But I want to use the OSC for the custom layout provided by Martin. Has anyone had the same problem?

Mpc ip:
touchOSC ip:

Touchosc outgoing port: 9020
Touchosc incoming port 8020

Mpc port for outgoing data 9020
Mpc port for incoming port used by the OSC device 8020

Furthermore it does not show as a OSC source on TouchOSC compared to midi bridge where it is showing up as soon as i start the program.

MPC 3.70.885.0
Touchosc: 1. 9.9 Android
Layout: iPhone-Martin-M0series_V1.17

In all fairness nothing is happening after setting all the parameters in the network tab or osc.

pleas help!

Maybe you got the ports reversed.