TouchOSC: Label of Buttons in "Buttons P1" page

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I have a new challenge :slight_smile:

I would like to use TouchOSC which is already running on my Android tablet and I have the iPAD-Martin surface loaded.

I also have the latest TouchOSC Editor and now I am trying to automate the labeling of the buttons in the “Buttons P1” page. They are currently numbered from 1 to 100.

I looked into the PDF file which describes the functions that are available for OSC. For example: The LCD buttons get their text by using this key: “/Mx/button/4204/text”

My question is now: Which is the key I can use to automatic label the buttons in the “Buttons P1” Page. I tried this: “/Mx/playback/page1/0/text” but it is not working - it still shows “1” on the first button.

Update here: The labels for the buttons are not transferred by the console to the OSC device. Only the labels for the LCD buttons are transferred (found with WireShark). Now, I am searching for a refresh request string which starts transferring the labels of the playback page 1 :slight_smile:

@PaulPelletier: You have written the PDF describing the OSC key.strings. Do you have an update of this document?

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The only labels are for the encoder wheels & the main playbacks, if I remember correctly. Playback button label text has been requested.