trouble with win10 (x64) MLJ 2.95 & USB DMX

I’m in big trouble with my MLJ 2.95 & Martin light jockey 2.95 USB DMX : (not one key!)

I’m running under WIN 10 64b (official)

Today while opening MLJ 2.95 I had “no hardware transmitted”
I have checked my drivers (USB DMX64, USB TOOL 1.1) into my windows system, the hardware is recognize but not in MLJ, I have uninstalled, reboot, re-reboot, re-install the same driver, nothing better!

I have checked with my other computer, same problem installation ok, Peripherals ok, no hardware transmitted in MLJ

What’s wrong ?
Do you have any idea ?

Thanks for your help

Happy new year


LightJockey 2.95.1 is not supported on Windows 10. It did work unofficially, but recent security updates fro Windows will make the drivers not work as they are not approved for Win10.
We did change the drivers for the OneKey version, but can’t do this for the LJ Legacy version.

L 2.95 will only work on XP and Vista going forward as the security changes were also done to Windows 7 and 8 by Microsoft.
Please understand that this is due to changes from Microsoft, not due to us not wanting to support it. Unfortunately we can;t support the old LJ on any Windows 7-10 going forward.

If you have a black DUO DMX device you should consider using Martin M-PC.

I just bought the New M-DMX box
I also have the Duo Grey Dongle and 2x Keys and still can’t get the hardware to work with light jockey
Please help !!!

Sorry for your trouble

Both M-DMX & the older grey box, are still supported, with the latest Windows 10 build (1703)
have a look here, for LJ HW compatibility chart:

Depending on your Windows OS, if using latest Windows 10, please install the latest LJ build (2.110.5), posted on the LJ product page: